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How To Use Ginseng

There are several types of ginseng.  Choosing the one appropriate for you is important.

Panax ginseng is a superior energy tonic.  It is used in Chinese medicine to quickly boost energy.  It is used to improve digestion and the energy of the lungs, heart and stomach.  It is combined in herbal formulas to literally revive people and help them recover from strokes and long term illnesses.

By the same token, Panax ginseng is not for everyone.  Some people are highly strung, or have high blood pressure and they should not take Panax ginseng.  Ginseng is one of the strongest energy tonics you can buy, but it needs to be respected for what it can do.

Siberian ginseng is not a true ginseng in a botanical sense, but it can also boost energy.  It is especially helpful for adrenal fatigue.  Siberian ginseng is also called Eleuthero root.  It is the least expensive of the ginsengs, so it is the most common one to be used in vitamin formulas or other energy tonics.

Siberian ginseng is a gentler tonic.  It is used as an adaptogen.  That means it helps the body to adapt to stress.  It is often used long term to build up resistance to stress and fatigue.

American ginseng is a very good tonic for people over 40.  It helps replace what has been lost when we age.  In Chinese medicine, we lose our “yin” when we age.   American ginseng is grown in Wisconsin and we export the majority of it to China.  The Chinese know a good thing when they find it.  They use it long term to gently improve energy and address the side effects of aging.

Korean Ginseng is Panax ginseng that has been treated to make it red.  It is also called Red or Kirin Ginseng.  It is hot, hot, hot.  Acupuncturists do not use this.  It is super stimulating and can quickly cause side effects.  Men seem to use it as a libido tonic.  In fact, they would be better off using Cordyceps for that, or American Ginseng.

Korean Ginseng is very strong and you could usually tell a difference quickly after taking it.  That is why it is easily too much for most people.  I do not recommend this to anyone.  I personally prefer to take herbs like cordyceps and American ginseng.

Pseudo-ginseng is not commonly known by Americans.  It is also called San Qi.  It is used in Chinese medicine to stop bleeding and treat angina.  It opens up the blood circulation in the chest.  It is also used to relieve pain.

  American Ginseng


  Pseudo ginseng


”"  Siberian Ginseng


”"  Korean Ginseng, or Red Ginseng — notice it is darker than regular Panax Ginseng

”"  Cordyceps.  This is my favorite energy tonic.*****************************